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Tournament Management

E-Sports is one of the fastest growing markets with no central solution. Soveregin Gaming League’s tools and API look to unify E-Sports in an open standard format.

Unifying Gamers

Outside e-sports, Sovereign Gaming League looks to unify gamers with RGB solutions that integrate RGB from different vendors, game tracking and rankings that are game specific and more.


Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

X-Wing Alliance came out in February of 1999, and recieved great critical acclaim. The fourth game in the X-Wing series, it contained many of the same gameplay mechanics as the previous 3 games (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter). This game is a flight...

Sins of a Solar Empire Review

Sins of a Solar Empire (Sins) is a very in-depth RTS. This review covers the main game including the Diplomacy and Entrenchment expansion packs. It has many facets to the actual gameplay, however the game modes are fairly limited. If you like single player story mode,...


SGL Intro Sovereign Gaming League is an upcoming eSports organization designed to be a one stop location for gamers.

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- May 24, 2019, 3:17 am

As part of our commitment to upgrading our network we will be discontinuing our "box" servers and replacing them wi…
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